The services MTD can offer include Asbestos Analysis; Pollution Investigation, testing and monitoring (onshore & offshore); Waste Management; Soil Testing; Water Quality & Effluents; Public Analysts; etc.

Working closely with our analytical and testing facilities, the Consultancy Department provides clients with advice, support and investigative services, including Metallurgy & Corrosion Analysis where determining the cause of failure is required.

This is of particular relevance to the insurance industry, who also benefit from our expertise in contaminant identification and analysis, together with airborne and soil pollution plume modelling.

We also offer complete landfill management and testing services and have developed expertise in monitoring and testing landfill gas and leachates. We also undertake research and development work in the field of landfill management.

In addition to retaining “wet chemistry” methods, our laboratories, equipped with instruments including Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, provide the complete answer to problems requiring the detection and identification of various pollutants.

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