Consultant Scientist

Sam is a Consultant Scientist based in our Head Office in Cardiff.

Sam Sarradj has a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from the University of Nottingham. Prior to joining MTD, Sam worked as a consultant for another renowned scientific consultancy firm and advised clients on the storage and transport of a wide range of food, feed and agricultural cargoes in the maritime industry. These cargoes included grains, oilseeds, forestry products, fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), dairy products and frozen products (e.g. frozen tuna).

Since joining MTD in 2018, Sam has been involved in numerous investigations into alleged quality disputes and claims for a variety of agricultural products including grains (e.g. rice, wheat etc.), oilseeds (soya beans, rapeseed etc.), fresh and frozen produce (e.g. root crops), vegetable oils (e.g. coconut oil, palm oil fractions etc.) and soft drinks products. Issues with these products have included insect infestation and fumigation issues, aflatoxin contamination of rice, maize and wheat, (self-)heating of soya beans, rapeseed and vegetable oils, bacterial contamination of fresh produce, elevated free fatty acid content of palm oil fractions, water and mould damage to bagged rice.

Sam regularly advises a varied client base, including underwriters, brokers, ship owners, charterers, law firms and P&I clubs. Sam has contributed to several loss prevention articles and produced presentations on the current trends in the carriage and storage of agricultural products.